“On the set of the Musketeers we are incredibly adolescent!We also

enjoyed making prank calls. I spent half an hour on the phone to

Clarks pretending to be a man who couldn't get his shoe off.” Tom sharing

with us how hard and serious this filming business is... ;)

 As this is an unofficial site, all mistakes,foul ups and glaring errors are all mine! - BritAngie 
Tom Burke
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Tom as Rune


Utopia Series two now out on DVD. Musketeers Series 2 is  due back on our screens 2nd Jan 2015 at 9pm (USA 17th Jan) Hooligan Factory now out  on DVD and available now on Itunes Animal- Status is currently cancelled due to shortfall in funding to finish.

Tom Burke News

Tom supports England And his world cup seat is um a horse called Roger....who supports Uraguay And things ended rather badly.... Things get tense on set with Tom and Roger supporting different sides Animal
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Third Star Third Star An Enemy to Die for Poirot the Clocks Poirot The Clocks Wonderful SID magazine shoot by Daniel Nadel http://danielnadel.com/ Tom's behind the scenes interview for Doctor's Dilemma Tom's behind the scenes interview for Doctor's Dilemma Tom's behind the scenes interview for Doctor's Dilemma
Bafta Guru’s site have now posted a fun interview with Tom on their website and You Tube today. They have been interviewing various actors connected with an earlier BAFTA awards photo shoot and have at last posted Tom’s 60 second interview with a fish bowl :D  

Mr B and Vaughan Sivell teaming up again in the future!

Talented Screenwriter and Producer of Third Star let slip this week that he may be working again with Tom on a new project. He tweeted:- “Vaughan Sivell @Mug_7 Jul 1 @BritAngie1 thanks for asking. You may use quotes. He's a legend and lovely and we are excited to be working together again soon. X” Whilst it’s still top secret fans of Third Star like myself will be thrilled at this news! :) Tom Burke’s World Cup Seat If you are wondering what on Earth this is about the BBC have been running a series of videos about where people are watching the world cup or rather what they are sat on. Of course our favourite Musketeers decided to contribute and Tom let us in on his world cup seat.... :)                    Musketeers back filming in the Czech Republic. Musketeers fans will be pleased to know that series 2 of The Musketeers was commissioned by the BBC earlier this year and the cast and crew are currently beavering away in Prague to bring us more drama and adventure. Recently producer Colin Wratten revealed that the series would be back on our screens in the UK in January 2015. Hooligan Factory now available to buy and preorder on DVD Tom’s movie Hooligan factory is now available to pre-order on DVD and Blu- ray and will be out on the 14th July. You can watch it now though if you have ITunes as they have already released it for your viewing pleasure! So please go watch as it’s very funny and supports British Movie making at it’s best.(And funniest!) :) Animal (updated 30/08/14). Another Tom movie which appears to be in the pipeline is Fatlip media’s movie Animal which is a psychological Thriller. Not much is known about this movie but this is definitely one to watch out for! UPDATE- Sadly this movie is currently cancelled due to lack of funding. It was on the kickstarter site to fund the £30k shortfall needed to finish it but this was sadly not reached. :( The Invisible Woman now out on DVD Invisible woman is now out on DVD and Blu Ray which dramatises the secret affair of Charles Dickens and Nelly Ternan. Tom plays Nelly’s husband in the movie and it’s another one to add to the movie collection! Tom to appear in Utopia Series 2 Tom stars in Channel 4’s Utopia this July as Phillip Carvel. The opening two episodes are due to be shown on the 14th and 15th July at 10pm so get those recording devices set up!

Bafta Guru 60 seconds with... Tom Burke interview

Utopia Series 2 now out on video to buy

Channel 4’s series Utopia is now on DVD to buy. Tom plays Phillip Carvell in the first episode of Series 2. (This DVD has an official Bunny warning!)  

SID Magazine featuring a photoshoot with Mr B out now

SID magazine is a biannual menswear publication and issue #6 it out now. It features a photoshoot with Tom and can be purchased online from Magazine Shack or from outlets in London.  
Hooligan Factory Gag reel posted on You Tube Hooligan Factory’s ThinkBigProdTV have now generously posted up a gag reel for Hooligan Factory and this can be found here.
The Fresno Bee Interview US Newspaper the Fresno Bee has a feature on the Musketeers and also has a bonus a small video interview with Tom, Luke and Maimie here.The video is also on You tube here.
Musketeers now showing in Australia and Athos video Australians can now enjoy seeing The Musketeers on BBC First. To celebrate they have now posted extensive videos on their new website exploring the lead characters and what makes them tick. The one for Athos featuring Tom can be found here.
Image from @tearscrynomore https://twitter.com/tearscrynomore Photo by Jessica Pope @PopeJessica https://twitter.com/PopeJessica Photo by Jessica Pope @PopeJessica https://twitter.com/PopeJessica Photo by Jessica Pope @PopeJessica https://twitter.com/PopeJessica
Series 2 Musketeer photos and candids on the net round up. Thanks to the lovely Jessica Pope (@PopeJessica)we have some fab new photos of Tom filming and hanging out. Speaking of hanging out we also some photos from Howard Charles’s Instagram account.(One looks to be slightly surreptitious! :D) Finally we have a great candid from @tearscrynomore who is a very lucky fan who got to meet Tom recently whilst seeing a play called Skylight, at Wyndham's theatre in London.
Photo by Jessica Pope @PopeJessica https://twitter.com/PopeJessica Photo by Howie Charles http://instagram.com/howiecharles Photo by Jessica Pope @PopeJessica https://twitter.com/PopeJessica Photo by Jessica Pope @PopeJessica https://twitter.com/PopeJessica Photo by Howie Charles http://instagram.com/howiecharles Photo by Jessica Pope @PopeJessica https://twitter.com/PopeJessica
Act For Change project supported by Mr B. The Act for Change project Twitter feed posted the below image with Tom displaying his Act For Change badge and showing his support. THE ACT FOR CHANGE PROJECT's mission is campaigning to ensure that the output of the major broadcasters, honestly and without prejudice, represents the Britain we live in today.
Tom Supporting Act For Change Original Twitter post
Musketeers to do the Ice Bucket Challenge! You may have noticed recently that a phenomenon has swept the globe where previously considered sane people throw buckets of ice cube filled cold water over themselves whilst on video. You can be relieved to know this is actually for a good cause and the Charity is the ALS Association (ALS is Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.) Luke Pasqualino has now officially nominated the rest of the boys and hopefully they will be participating with videos posted this week! :) Please support their insanity and impending pneumonia by donating to this worthwhile cause. You can donate via mobile phone by text messaging ICED55 £5 to 70070 in the UK(this example would donate £5) or visit their website to find other ways to donate.
Luke Pasqualino's twitter post
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