“Coasters.I never want to be the person who worries about having a

mark on their table;who says when someone comes round:'Excuse

me, can you put that on a coaster?”  Tom on the evils of Coasters.... ;) 

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Tom Burke
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Sunday Times BBC Breakfast Digital Spy Interview NTA Awards I'm still scared! :D Radio 2 with Steve Wright BBC Radio Times
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Reasons to be Pretty Trailer 60 Seconds with Tom Burke Bafta Interview


Here you will find scans from magazine interviews and online links to interviews Tom has done over the  years.
Tv and Satelite Week Utopia interview
Sunday Times Relative Values
Empire Magazine
Radio Times
Radio Times Bafta
Daily Mirror Tv Magazine
English Home Magazine
Left - English Home Magazine Right- Sunday Observer
Left - The Sun Tv Magazine (Thanks to Kellie Willshaw :)) Right- TV Times
English Home NTA awards The Stare interview- not so scary :) Sunday Brunch 60 Seconds with Tom Burke Bafta Interview BBC Breakfast The One Show Sunday Times English Home 60 Seconds with Tom Burke Bafta Interview TV Times BBC First Australia interview Doctors Dilemma Interview
Left - Design for a Living Teacher’s resource pack. Right- Sid Magazine
Tom and Vaughan being silly :) Tom and Vaughan being silly still :)
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Sid Magazine
Empire Magazine
Empire Magazine
Left - Empire Magazine Right- TV Times Jan 2015
TV Times Jan 2015