“What are your tips for auditioning? A sugary tea, just one sugar

gives you a nice little buzz, about half an hour before you go in.”  Tom

on the benefits of a good cuppa. :)

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Tom Burke

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Twitter search for  #TomBurke and #Burketeers also @mrsAthos for Tom Burke Fans on twitter. Tom isn’t on Twitter but his coworkers are. Producer Colin Wratten (@ColinWratten) ,Luke Pasqualino (@LucaPasqualino),Ryan Gage (@RyanGage) Jessica Pope(@PopeJessica),Alexandra Dowling(@Alishelson),Maimie McCoy(@Maimie_McCoy) and Tamla Kari(@TamlaKari) all post on twitter and some post behind the scenes photos and info. :) Also the BBC has it’s own twitter feeds BBC (@BBC1Musketeers) and @BBCOne There are also fan run ones like @TheMusketeersUK and @FansMusketeers Howard and Luke are both on Instagram and also post photos from time to time. http://paulblackimages.com/?cat=7 Amazing photographer who has taken some wonderful photos of Tom. http://www.chrisfloyd.com/portfolio/ Chris Floyd another great photographer who photographed Tom for the Baftas in 2014 http://clients.troikatalent.com/conor-mccaughan-sam-fox/tom-burke Tom’s Agents http://mug7.com/ The website/Blog of Vaughan Sivell Producer and writer of Third Star. There is lots of wonderful info here on a wonderful and heartbreaking/warming movie. :) http://www.sixshooterfilmseries.com/donkeypunch/ Official Site for Donkey Punch http://www.oldvictheatre.com/whats-on/2010/design-for-living/ Official Site for the play Design for a Living. http://blog.almeida.co.uk/2011/10/27/reasons-to-be-pretty-rehearsal-diary- week-three/ Reasons to be Pretty Official site http://animalfilm.co.uk/#prettyPhoto Official website of the movie Animal. https://www.wearecolony.com Great new site to see behind the scenes photos and videos of Third Star. http://gingercatpictures.com website for the fab photos taken by Brian Anderson. http://www.lipservice.co.uk/artist.php?a=315&t=b&s=tom%20burke website for Tom’s voice over Agents. Please contact me if you have a Tom Burke link to add to this list. :)
Image by Paul Black Bafta 60 seconds with Tom Burke Interview Utopia

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