“I read. I walk. I drink a lot of tea”  Tom talking about what he does in his spare time (Tea

again- just one sugar!) :)

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Tom Burke

Updates log:-

10th March- added new photos to the gallery for Strike Career of Evil, Tatler, The Times and a few other photoshoots, the Ara and Don Carlos launch and Girl from the North Country party. 3rd December- news of The Show and Don Carlos! 8th October - Uploaded new photoshoot photos, first Souvinir photos and Strike photos. Also updated the news page with a new appearance and Souvenir news! 13th August - updated news page for lots of Strike goodness! 18th July- Updated the news page. 11th July - Updated the news page and filmography page. 17th June - Updated the News page for all things Strike and Souvenir-ish! 18th February - Added new photos to the gallery for Cormoran Strike, The Deep Blue Sea, Reasons to be Happy and War and Peace. :) 8th September - Updated news page , front page and filmography for the awesome confirmation of Tom’s casting as Cormoran Strike :) 4th September - Updated on charity auction again, added news on Tom’s new radio play and exciting news on his possible new tv series!! Filmography also updated as the radio plays somehow managed to escape- rounded up and put back on the list. 12th August - Updated on charity auction. :) 30th July 2016 - Added news of charity auction. :) 3rd June 2016- Updated for news on Tom’s new play, comic conn cancellations and GMTV appearance. 17th April 2016- Update filmography for plays and new short. Updated news and front page and fixed sweethearts link. (Go read and grab those theatre tickets whilst there are still available! :D ) 22nd February 2016- Mammoth update, the sequel- heavens Tom has been a busy bunny so brace yourself for Tom overload. :D News page updated (honestly that’s more than enough to be going on with! :D) 3rd January 2016- Mammoth update on the news page- War and Peace,Newcastle comic con,Box Clever and Candles by candlelight on the news page. 15th November 2015- Tom appearing at Newcastle film and comic con and new photos added to news page. 4th August 2015- Updated news page to add news of Tom’s new video,London film and comic con appearance, birthday presents and fan magazine. Essentially todays update is basically a Tom Burke thank you fest! :D 20th June 2015- Updated news page Tom’s upcoming appearance at London Film & Comic con. 12th June 2015- Updated news page for Cyrano De Bergerac, Burketeers award,  War and Peace and Musketeers. 15th March 2015- Added new wallpaper. :) 24th February 2015- Added/replaced new photos in the gallery under “personal appearances” and “signings”. 17th February 2015-Operation Smile report finally finished and added to the news page and the second page of interviews. 10th February 2015-Sliced and diced the news page as I got to maximum page length! News is now on three pages and shorter length. New news stories now added to the News page now I have room! :) 5th February 2015-Filmography updated with radio plays, audio books and shorts found since last update. Added photos to the gallery for CGI showreel of short film Owen the Operator. 2nd February 2015- Brought front page up to date with news of Series 3 Musketeers and times and days for current series broadcasts. 1st February 2015- Added News story about Burketeer fundraising for Operation Smile Carols by Candlelight and Tom’s Birthday. 31st January 2015- Added new interviews on the interviews page and added a second page to avoid making the page as long as the great wall of China. :D Also added a new Musketeers wallpaper on the media page.Added Tom’s fan mail address to the Biography page. 24th January 2015- Added info on the BBC Musketeers showcase in Paris to the News page and also 56 new photos in the photo gallery of the event and a further 28 of the other cast members.Updated the filmography page with Gentleman of the Road and War and Peace. (Apologies for the break in updates- PC died in December so not been able to have access to the site till recently.) 6th December 2014- added dates for when the Musketeers series 2 hits our screens in the UK and USA to the front page and news page side bar.. :) 30th November 2014-14 new images added to the gallery for the Muskteers BBC showcase in South Africa (including 1 for the Liverpool Showcase) along with info on the News page. 18th November 2014-Added news of Carols by Candlelight event Tom is attending in London in December. 5th November 2014- Added news of Tom’s new project on the News page. 21st September 2014- New Message board/Forum launched to discuss Tom Burke.(phew!) 15th September 2014-Fixed media and news page which had decided to turn into one rather large jpg! All back to normal now! 13th September 2014-Updated the news page with info on some audio projects Tom has done in the past along with some new videos. Also added site map, date site was launched along with extra photos on the news page to fill that huge empty space on the left hand side. :D 31st August 2014-Added item Tom directed in 2008. 31 images added in gallery for The Young Visiters. Also added Tom’s voice over agents. 30th August 2014-Added some more info about the Box Clever Theatre Company of Tom’s Biography page along with details of his charity work. Added link for Doctors Dilemma Interview on the Interviews page along with Tom and Vaughan Sivell link to videos of them being wonderfully silly. (23 images also added to the gallery)Also added a pdf file with resource material for Design for a Living on the interviews page. Also update on the status of the movie Animal on the news page. (Thanks to June Wilson for directing me to some of these things. Added Shakespeare’s Globe documentary to filmography page. This can be bought on dvd here. Lastly 26 photos from the Globe dvd added.(More to come soon.) 28th August 2014-Added new wallpaper to the media page. 27th August 2014-170 new Photos added to ‘The Sweethearts”, Interviews for the Invisible Woman by RCN tv and HeyUGuys galleries. 26th August 2014- News page updated and extra editorial page added to English Home Magazine on the Interview page along with two video links. 25th August 2014-Photos added to Gallery for Anastezsi, Squaddie, Bella and the Boys,Hooligan Factory, I Want Candy, Look Stranger, Only God Forgives and Don Juan Comes Back from the War in Theatre. 24th August 2014-Photos added to Gallery for Roar, Great Expectations, Heading Out, Supermarket Sam, The Brief, Invisible Woman, Dragon Heart: New Beginning, BBC Australia Athos interview, and Fresno Bee interview. 7th July-23rd August 2014- Broke stuff, fixed stuff and added stuff (not necessarily in that order. :D) On this day realised I couldn’t list all updates on first page due to there just not being enough space on the internet- Updates page born! 6th July 2014-website born and launched on an unsuspecting world.(Sorry world!)
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Supermarket Sam Poetry App- Josephone Hart Foundation Poetry Hour BBC Breakfast Paris Showcase event- Copyright BBC Worlwide Paris Showcase event- Copyright BBC Worlwide The Sweethearts TMC Musketeers Showcase in Paris TMC Musketeers Showcase in Paris Tom as Dolokhov in war and Peace (photo @ReetuKabra BBC worldwide) Tom at Newcastle comic con (Photo Angie Hewitt) Tom at Newcastle comic con (Photo Angie Hewitt) Tom from the Deep Blue sea rehearsals Tatler photo shoot The Tatler photo shoot Graham Norton Radio show